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ISCRAM Newsletter Vol 3 No 1


The latest edition of the Newsletter has been published.  Its conttents include:

  • Editorial: Holistic Crisis Management      
  • Stop Press: Our President safe 
  • ISCRAM General Assembly 2013               2
  • ISCRAM Board Elections               
  • Volunteers Wanted       
  • Next Issue of ISCRAM Newsletter           
  • Membership Fees Due
  • ISCRAM2013 Baden-Baden May 12th to 15th, 2013
  • W3C Emergency Information Community Group               3
  • Evidence Aid ‘Helping decision-makers before, during and after disasters and other humanitarian emergencies’
  • Dagstuhl Seminar on: Civilian Crisis Response Models    
  • Education Column: The DITAC Project   
  • Memories of a Decade of ISCRAM
  • News: Funding success at CIEM; Seminar at the University of Adelaide’ ; Successful PhD Defences
  • Openings at NITIM
  • Upcoming Conferences and Seminars, Journal Calls for Special Issues    



Institutional Members



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