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Demo Submission Guidelines

We also invite demonstrations for ISCRAM2007. Please note that we do not accept product demonstrations or other demonstrations of a commercial or advertising nature. The demonstrations that we are looking for must specifically target to either illustrate a problem that needs further research or solve a problem by using an innovative concept.

Demonstration requirements:
- The demonstration must be summarized on a poster which will be shown in addition to the demonstration.
- In addition to the poster, a two-page description should be provided which clearly states the problem demonstrated or the solution concept shown.
- A demonstration can be accompanied by a video fragment or a computer program that requires no user interaction and completes in at most 10 minutes.

The organisation should be able to install the demonstration on a computer server with a windows 2003 OS. Any specially licensed software should be delivered with the demonstration. If these requirements cannot be met and the demonstrators want to use their own hardware, please note that the conference organizers do not take any responsibility for your property.

Please notify the Program Chair as soon as possible with your intent for a demonstration. All demonstrations submitted to ISCRAM2007 will be subject to an appropriate review process.

A special class of demonstrations are professional documentaries (max 20-25 minutes). These documentaries will be shown in between the sessions on specially provided large flatscreens. Make sure the video format is PAL.

For additional details please contact the Program Chair Paul Burghardt through or directly through

Institutional Members



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