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Visualization for Decision Making, Information Sharing, and Collaboration

5th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management ISCRAM2008
SPECIAL SESSION on Visualization for Decision Making, Information Sharing, and Collaboration

Information visualization can play a critical role in decision making, collaboration, and sharing information during crisis management and response. Both managers and responders deal with large volumes of data from a variety of sources that they must evaluate, correlate, and use to make time-critical decisions. Collaborative visualizations of data can help collocated and distributed teams maintain situational awareness. In practice, most collaborative use of visualizations occurs during planning; during an incident, use of visualization may be relegated to the individualís realm while collaboration may revert to audio channels. We seek research on the use of visualization to improve decision making, dissemination of information, and collaboration during crisis response and management.


Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

ï Synthesis of novel information from diverse data sources
ï Visualization on hand-held devices for responders in the field
ï Collaborative information displays for remote and collocated teams
ï Innovative visual analytics techniques for events across space and time
ï Scalable representations of very large volumes of highly heterogeneous data
ï Analytical reasoning including the human analytic discourse, knowledge discovery methods, perception and cognition, and collaborative visual analytics
ï Presentation, production, and dissimilation methods including methods and tools for capturing the analytics process, and story telling for specific and varying audiences

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