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Theme 10 - Practitioners' Track

10.01 Practitioners' Track

Practitioners’ Papers

ID: 245
Analysis of a First Responder Exercise: Requirements for Exercise-Support and Simulation
Max, Matthias (1); Sautter, Johannes (2)
1: German Red Cross, Germany; 2: Fraunhofer IAO, Germany

ID: 254
Interoperability during a Cross-Border Firefighting Operation at the Dutch-German Border
Weber, Benedikt (1); Deckers, Thomas (2); Wilson, Frank (3)
1: antwortING Ingenieurbüro PartG, Germany; 2: Fire Department City of Bocholt, Germany; 3: Veiligheidsregio Kennemerland, Netherlands

ID: 257
Social Media-Based Event Detection for Crisis Management in the Al Za’atari Refugee Camp
Walther, Maximilian; Kaisser, Michael; Schaust, Sven
AGT Group (R&D) GmbH, Germany

ID: 300
Quality Analysis After Action Report for the Crowdsourced Aerial Imagery Assessment Following Hurricane Sandy
Munro, Robert; Erle, Schuyler; Schnoebelen, Tyler
Idibon, USA

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