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Theme 09 - Social Media

09.01 Social Media and Collaborative Systems

Full Research Papers

ID: 121
Beyond the Trustworthy Tweet: A Deeper Understanding of Microblogged Data Use by Disaster Response and Humanitarian Relief Organizations
Tapia, Andrea; Moore, Kathleen; Johnson, Nicolas
Penn State University, USA

ID: 122
Combining Real and Virtual Volunteers through Social Media
Reuter, Christian; Heger, Oliver; Pipek, Volkmar
University of Siegen, Germany

ID: 129
Extracting Information Nuggets from Disaster-Related Messages in Social Media
Meier, Patrick Philippe (1); Castillo, Carlos (1); Imran, Muhammad (1); Elbassuoni, Shady Mamoon (1); Diaz, Fernando (2)
1: Qatar Computing Research Institute, Qatar; 2: Microsoft Research

ID: 177
The Use of Social Media by Local Government in Response to an Extreme Event: Del Norte County, CA and the 2011 Japan Tsunami
Tyshchuk, Yulia; Wallace, William
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA

ID: 192
Retrieving and Exchanging of Information in Inter-Organizational Crisis Management
Ley, Benedikt; Pipek, Volkmar; Siebigteroth, Tim; Wiedenhoefer, Torben
University of Siegen, Germany

Research-in-Progress Papers

ID: 114
Dealing with Information Overload When Using Social Media for Emergency Management: Emerging Solutions
Hiltz, Starr Roxanne (1); Plotnick, Linda P. (2)
1: NJIT; 2: Jacksonville State University

ID: 152
Resilience: Two case studies on governmental social media use for emergency communication
Beneito-Montagut, Roser (1); Anson, Susan (1); Shaw, Duncan (2); Brewster, Christopher (1)
1: Aston University, UK; 2: Warwick University, UK

ID: 159
Tweet4act: Using Incident-Specific Profiles for Classifying Crisis-Related Messages
Roy Chowdhury, Soudip (1); Imran, Muhammad (2); Asghar, Muhammad Rizwan (3); Amer-Yahia, Sihem (4); Castillo, Carlos (5)
1: University of Trento, Italy; 2: University of Trento, Italy; 3: University of Trento, Italy; 4: Centre national de la recherche scientifique, France; 5: Qatar Computing Research Institute Doha, Qatar

ID: 228
Social-media Text Mining and Network Analysis to support Decision Support for Natural Crisis Management
Zielinski, Andrea (1); Middleton, Stuart E. (2); Tokarchuk, Laurissa (3); Wang, Xinyue (3)
1: Fraunhofer Institute of Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation - IOSB, Karlsruhe, Germany; 2: University of Southampton - IT Innovation Centre, Southampton, UK; 3: Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London, UK

ID: 249
A Fine-Grained Sentiment Analysis Approach for Detecting Crisis Related Microblogs
Schulz, Axel (1,2); Thanh, Tung Dang (1); Paulheim, Heiko (3); Schweizer, Immanuel (2)
1: SAP Research, Germany; 2: Telecooperation Lab, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany; 3: Knowledge Engineering Group, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany

ID: 261
Prepare, Manage, and Understand Crisis Situations using Social Media Analytics
Schaust, Sven; Kaisser, Michael; Walther, Maximilian
AGT Group (R&D) GmbH, Germany

ID: 272
Utilizing Community Volunteered Information to Enhance Disaster Situational Awareness
Merrick, David F.; Duffy, Tom
Florida State University Emergency Management and Homeland Security Program, USA

ID: 287
Delay Tolerant Disaster Communication with the One Laptop Per Child XO Laptop
Iland, Daniel Patrick; Voita, Don
University of California, Santa Barbara, USA

ID: 298
A step towards real-time detection and localization of disaster events based on tweets
Dittrich, André; Lucas, Christian
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany

09.03 Community Engagement in Crisis Informatics Research

Full Research Papers

Are Spontaneous Volunteers a Disruption, Resource or Partner? An Introduction for System Developers to Volunteer Roles in Crisis Management
Rogstadius, Jakob (1); Teixeira, Claudio (1); Karapanos, Evangelos (1); Kostakos, Vassilis (2)
1: Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute; 2: University of Oulu

Research-in-Progress Papers

ID: 104
Power Outage Communications: Survey of Needs, Infrastructures and Concepts
Reuter, Christian
University of Siegen, Germany

ID: 236
Innovation in Tailored Information Systems Design Through Upstream User Engagement: Passing the Baton in the EnRiCH Project
O'Sullivan, Tracey Lynn; Corneil, Wayne; Kuziemsky, Craig Edward; Lane, Dan
University of Ottawa, Canada

ID: 295
Advancing Community-Academic Partnerships as a Disaster Response Platform: Exploring Questions of Latency, Connectivity & Interoperability
Franco, Zeno (1); Ahmed, Syed (1); Kuziemsky, Craig (2); Biedrzycki, Paul (3); Kissack, Anne (1)
1: Medical College of Wisconsin, USA; 2: University of Ottawa, Canada; 3: Department of Public Health, City of Milwaukee, USA

ID: 305
Shaping societal impact: between Control and Cooperation
Messemaker, Manne (1); Wolbers, Jeroen (1); Treurniet, Willem (2); Boersma, Kees (1)
1: VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands; 2: TNO

ID: 306
A Structured Equation Model of Collaborative Community Response
Lane, Daniel Edward (1); O'Sullivan, Tracey (1); Kuziemsky, Craig (1); Berkes, Fikret (2); Charles, Anthony (3)
1: University of Ottawa, Canada; 2: University of Manitoba; 3: Saint Mary's University

09.04 Visual Analytics with Social Media for Crisis Management

Research-in-Progress Papers

ID: 183
PhaseVis: What, When, Where, and Who in Visualizing the Four Phases of Emergency Management Through the Lens of Social Media
Yang, Seungwon; Chung, Haeyong; Lin, Xiao; Lee, Sunshin; Chen, Liangzhe; Wood, Andrew; Kavanaugh, Andrea L.; Sheetz, Steven D.; Shoemaker, Donald J.; Fox, Edward A.
Virginia Tech, USA

ID: 263
Understanding the Utility of Geospatial Information in Social Media
Robinson, Anthony C.; Savelyev, Alexander; Pezanowski, Scott; MacEachren, Alan M.
The Pennsylvania State University, USA

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