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Theme 07 - Intelligent Systems

07.01 Intelligent Systems

Full Research Papers

ID: 143
Context-Based Knowledge Fusion Patterns in Decision Support System for Emergency Response
Smirnov, Alexander; Levashova, Tatiana; Shilov, Nikolay
St. Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Federation

ID: 168
Validating Procedural Knowledge in the Open Virtual Collaboration Environment
Wickler, Gerhard
University of Edinburgh, UK

ID: 172
Crisis Management Using Multiple Camera Surveillance Systems
Rothkrantz, Leon
TU Delft, The Netherlands

Research-in-Progress Papers

ID: 144
Revealing unexpected effects of rescue robots’ team-membership in a virtual environment
Horsch, Corine (1); Smets, Nanja (1,2); Neerincx, Mark (1,2); Cuijpers, Raymond (3)
1: TU Delft, The Netherlands; 2: TNO, The Netherlands; 3: Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands

ID: 229
KIS - A Crisis Team Information System
Pahl, Svend-Anjes; Thiel-Clemen, Thomas
Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany

07.02 Analytical Modelling and Simulation

Full Research Papers

ID: 151
Autonomous Accident Monitoring Using Cellular Network Data
Görnerup, Olof; Kreuger, Per; Gillblad, Daniel
Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS), Sweden

ID: 158
Decision making in humanitarian logistics – A multi-objective optimization model for relocating relief goods during disaster recovery operations
Rottkemper, Beate; Fischer, Kathrin
Hamburg University of Technology, Germany

Research-in-Progress Papers

ID: 163
A System Dynamics Model of the 2005 Hatlestad Slide Emergency Management
Gonzalez, Jose J.; Bøe, Geir; Johansen, John Einar
University of Agder, Norway

ID: 169
ICT Support and the Effectiveness of Decision Making in Disasters: A Preliminary System Dynamics Model
Hiltz, Starr Roxanne (1); Jose J. Cabeza, Gonzalez (2); Murray, Turoff (1)
1: NJIT, USA; 2: U. of Adger, Norway

ID: 216
Optimization Modeling and Decision Support for Wireless Infrastructure Deployment in Disaster Planning and Management
Bartolacci, Michael R. (1); Mihovska, Albena (2); Ozceylan, Dilek (3)
1: Penn State University - Berks, USA; 2: Aalborg University, Denmark; 3: Sakarya University, Turkey

ID: 218
Study on Source Inversion Technology for Nuclear Accidents Based on Gaussian Puff Model and EnKF
Zhang, Xiaole; Chen, Jianguo; Su, Guofeng; Yuan, Hongyong
Tsinghua University, China

ID: 268
Analytically comparing disaster recovery following the 2012 derecho
Zobel, Christopher William
Virginia Tech, USA

ID: 290
Scheduling Response Operations under Transport Network Disruptions
Wilson, Duncan T; Hawe, Glenn I; Coates, Graham; Crouch, Roger S
Durham University, UK

ID: 294
A systemic process model for humanitarian supply chain management
Santos Lima, Fabiana (1); Hellingrath, Bernd (2); Widera, Adam (2); Buss Goncalves, Mirian (1)
1: Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil; 2: University of Muenster, Germany

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