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Theme 06 - Innovations in Research

06.01 Innovations in Research Methods

Research-in-Progress Papers

ID: 117
ASC Model: a process model for the evaluation of simulated field exercise in the emergency domain
Duarte, Alayne da Costa (1); Borges, Marcos Roberto da Silva (1); Gomes, Jose Orlando (1); de Carvalho, Paulo Victor Rodrigues (2)
1: UFRJ, Brazil; 2: IEN, Brazil

ID: 145
Comparing performance and situation awareness in USAR unit tasks in a virtual and real environment
Horsch, Corine (1); Smets, Nanja (1,2); Neerincx, Mark (1,2); Cuijpers, Raymond (3)
1: TU Delft, The Netherlands; 2: TNO, The Netherlands; 3: Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands

ID: 166
Measuring Collaborative Sensemaking
Duffy, Tom; Baber, Chris
University of Birmingham, UK

ID: 274
Understanding crises: investigating organizational safety culture by combining agent modeling and organizational ethnography
Passenier, David Falco; Mols, Colin Vincent; Bím, Jan; Sharpanskykh, Alexei
VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands

06.02 Rapid integrated understanding of disasters: holistic disaster assessments in near-real time

Full Research Papers

ID: 206
Real-time Decision Making in Urgent Events: Modeling Options for Action
Comfort, Louise K. (1); Wukich, Clayton (1); Colella, Brian (1); Voortman, Mark (1); Connelly, Scott (1); Drury, Jill (2); Klein, Gary L. (2)
1: University of Pittsburgh, USA; 2: The MITRE Corporation, USA

Research-in-Progress Papers

ID: 119
Near Real-Time Forensic Disaster Analysis
Wenzel, Friedemann (1); Zschau, Jochen (2); Kunz, Michael (1); Daniell, James (1); Khazai, Bijan (1); Tina, Kunz-Plapp (1)
1: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany; 2: GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam, Germany

ID: 280
Adding Secondary Hazard and Ground-truth Observations to PAGER's Loss Modeling
Wald, David Jay
U.S. Geological Survey, USA

ID: 211
Rapid Aerial Mapping with Multiple Heterogeneous Unmanned Vehicles
Santamaria, Eduard; Segor, Florian; Tchouchenkov, Igor
Fraunhofer IOSB, Germany

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