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Technology Showcase – Communication Systems and Technologies for Crisis and Disaster response

5th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management ISCRAM2008
SPECIAL SESSION on Technology Showcase and Communication Systems and Technologies for Crisis and Disaster response



We aim to demonstrate examples from recent practical applications of crisis response technologies in an attempt to narrow the existing gap between research and its implementation. We propose a technology showcase session where researchers and companies demonstrate functional information/communications technology systems they have developed. These systems would demonstrate how information systems or communications technology can play a role in mitigating, preparing for, responding to or recovering from disasters. Rather than discuss theoretical research results, we focus on the system deployments, how they functioned in a real-life situation (an actual disaster or field trial), and how systems developers have adapted to user needs based on user feedback. We envision a demonstration format rather than a series of presentations to facilitate open discussion and interaction between users and systems developers.

Research Area

Coordinating the response activities in the aftermath of a medium or large scale disaster is extremely challenging. Recent application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) offers a ray of hope in this direction. However, todayís solutions in this direction are insufficient to handle real crises situations. In addition, there exist dependencies on several systems that are required for disaster response. For example, the information system that collects and manages resources onsite at ground zero depends on the availability of a reliable communication network which must be designed and deployed on the fly. In addition, the communication between first responder groups within an organization and between multiple organizations requires new research, devices and technological solutions. Another angle to disaster response is to make existing network reliable enough to handle crises situations.


The following categories of technology solutions are of particular interest to this session: Topics of interest include but not limited to the following:

ï Technological solutions that can make todayís civilian communication networks survive disasters
ï New network forms that can be quickly deployed and easily reconfigured onsite at ground zero (for example, Wireless Mesh, ad hoc, and WiMAX systems)
ï Information collection, maintenance, and resource management solutions that can facilitate coordination of large number of response elements at incident command center
ï Community alert mechanisms that can quickly disseminate crucial information about impending crises
ï Network anomaly detection and incident prediction schemes for predicting impending crises from network traffic
ï Network aided robotic solutions for surveying and acting on inaccessible areas of a disaster affected area.

Submissions from other areas of interest within the crises and disaster response research are also welcome to this session.

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