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Studies of Command and Control Systems

5th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management ISCRAM2008
SPECIAL SESSION on Studies of Command and Control Systems

Information and communication technologies are today an essential component of command and control systems. Optimism about the effect of such technologies is high. Research on how people actually use new technology in command and control and the effects of this is however limited and develops at a more modest pace. This session invites both qualitative and quantitative studies of how new technologies affect the way command and control is exercised.

Research Area

In the context of command and control, most efforts to improve knowledge about the effects of new technology should be encouraged. This includes replication of earlier studies, case studies, methodological contributions that can be of help in evaluating and understanding command and control, experimental studies and qualitative studies. The common focus is humans working in dynamic situations using different forms of technology to support the task of command and control. Studies may concern individual decision makers as well as teams or organisations.


Some non-exhaustive examples of topics that could contribute to this session are:
ï Simulator studies
ï Microworld/Scaled World Studies
ï Studies of exercises/role-playing
ï Field tests of C2 systems
ï Methods of evaluating C2 systems
ï Case studies/Field studies of C2 systems

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