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Smart Room Technology for Emergency Operation Centres and Mobile Command Posts

5th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management ISCRAM2008


Crisis response and management is facing increasing complexity as infrastructures are getting more interdependent and decision-makers need to handle a growing amount of information during large-scale events. More and more tools and instruments, e.g. net¨worked sensors, digital communication devices, and high-tech Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) equipment, are available to crisis managers. On the one hand this helps them keep pace with this challenge. On the other hand this is what confronts them with additional complexity: to manage their equipment and to make use of the overwhelming stream of information. So-called smart rooms as one aspect of ambient intelligence will help humans cope with a high information load, especially by a surrounding and seamless display environment instead of batteries of monitors. While smart room technology for stationary environments has seen consi¨derable research effort, the inherently mobile nature of crisis response poses new challenges, in particular for mobile command posts. This session aims to identify upco¨ming approaches in this field of technology that will meet current and future demands.

Research Area

The special session addresses a multi-disciplinary research area at the intersection of information and communication technology, architecture and cognition. Aspects covered include but are not limited to: ambient intelligence, large display technology, human perception and cognition in the presence of high information load, automatic perception and analysis of human-machine and human-human interaction, multimodal human-computer interfaces, analysis and modelling of the userís focus of attention, analysis and support of team collaboration.


ï Technology Building Blocks for EOC or Mobile Command Post Smart Rooms
ï Design Concepts for EOC or Mobile Command Post Smart Rooms
ï Human Perception and Cognitive Aspects of Smart Room Technology in High-Stress Crisis Management Environments
ï Audio-Visual Perception of Human-Machine and Human-Human Interaction in Smart Rooms
ï Impact of Smart Room Environments on Team Collaboration and Work Efficiency in Crisis Management
ï Special Challenges for Mobile Smart Rooms in Command Post Vehicles
ï Case Studies and Experimental Setups of EOC or Mobile Command Post Smart Rooms
Other topics relevant for the ìSmart Roomî theme may also be acceptable.

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