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ISCRAM2007 Proceedings Copyright Form

Authors need to sign the ISCRAM2007 Copyright form in order to get their paper published in the ISCRAM2007 Proceedings (book) and posted online at The ISCRAM2007 Copyright Form can be downloaded here:

ISCRAM2007 Copyright Form (PDF Document).

The ISCRAM2007 Proceedings copyright agreement and use license is compliant with the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 (ìby-nc-saî) License.

This copyright agreement and use license firstly states that the author(s) keep their copyright and secondly permits any user, for any noncommercial purpose ñ including unlimited classroom and distance learning use ñ to download, print out, extract, archive, distribute and make derivative works of an article published in the ISCRAM2007 Proceedings, as long as appropriate credit is given to the authors and the source of the work and all derivative works are placed under the same license. This copyright agreement and use license ensures, among other things, that an article will be as widely available as possible and that the article can be included in any scientific archive.

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