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ISCRAM2007 Call for Papers, Presentations and Demo’s

ISCRAM 2007 - Intelligent Human Computer Systems for Crisis Response and Management


4th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management May 13th-16th 2007 Delft , The Netherlands.

The call for papers for ISCRAM 2007 is out! Due to an excellent response to our call for special sessions we can now offer 27 special sessions! Often several international scholars and practioners have teamed up to organize a session together. In addition to regular academic papers, many CFPs also invite practioners to submit presentations and demonstrations.

All CFPs can be viewed and a PDF announcement can be downloaded by selecting "ISCRAM2007 Special Sessions" in the ISCRAM2007 menu on the left.

This is an overview of all CFPs, grouped in seven different themes:

Theme 1: Disaster Management & Internationalization ∑ CFP Information Systems for Humanitarian Operations ∑ CFP Information Systems Challenges of Crisis Response and Management in the Context of Lesser Developing Countries ∑ CFP ISCRAM Research in China

Theme 2: Real World Research Methods Methods ∑ CFP First Responder Information Technology Use: Practitioner"s perspective ∑ CFP Grounding crisis management research in reality ∑ CFP Research Methods in Emergency Management

Theme 3: Human computer interaction ∑ CFP Human Computer Interaction in Crisis Management ∑ CFP Visualization in Crisis Management ∑ CFP Emotions in Crisis Management Systems

Theme 4: Geographic Information Systems∑ CFP Geographic Information Science and Crisis Management ∑ CFP Rapid Environmental Assessement with GIS and Remote Sensing ∑ CFP Spatial Planning for Disaster Risk Reduction

Theme 5: System & Software Development ∑ CFP Flexible Service and Data Management Platforms for Crisis Response ∑ CFP Advanced Information Technologies for Crisis and Disaster Management ∑ CFP Crisis Information System Security ∑ CFP The Use of Sensor Networks for Disaster Management

Theme 6: Systems & Organization ∑ CFP Guidelines From High Reliability Theory and Practice For the Design of Information Systems In High-Velocity Settings ∑ CFP Public Engagement and Participation in Handling Crises and Recovery ∑ CFP Virtual Teams and Virtual Communities in Emergency Preparedness and Response ∑ CFP A Passion for Failures: Crisis Management Revisited ∑ CFP The element of surprise: Information systems supporting improvisation in incident management ∑ CFP Alert Chain Communication

Theme 7: Training & Simulation ∑ CFP Serious Gaming and crisis management ∑ CFP Command and Control Experimentation ∑ CFP Computer-supported Excercises ∑ CFP Micro World -Scaled World- Simulations ∑ CFP Modelling and Simulation of communication Technology in Disaster Mitigation Response and Recovery

Important notes:

All CFPs contain complete instructions and important dates. The final submission date for full papers is January 15th 2007. Please note that the format for the papers and further announcements will be posted on also. Possibly a few special sessions may be added to the above list in the coming weeks. If you wish to submit a paper that clearly fits with the general ISCRAM2007 conference theme, but does not fit in one of the above special sessions, please submit directly to the Program Chair at Place "Submission to general ISCRAM track" in the subject of your mail

If you have any question on a specific CFP : contact the chairs; their email addresses are in the CFPs. If you have any general questions or remarks mail to


Institutional Members



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