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Intelligent Systems for Crisis and Disaster Management

5th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management ISCRAM2008
SPECIAL SESSION on Visualization for Decision Making, Information Sharing, and Collaboration


The management of crises and emergencies, resulting from man-made or natural disasters, is a very difficult and complex task. Imminent decisions must be taken that lead to the most effective use of the available resources in different managerial levels, all based on the limited information available when events are still unfolding. In order to manage a large crisis effectively and to minimize the anticipated adverse impacts, decision makers need intelligent information technology that helps them to make sense of a given situation, to focus awareness on the most important issues, to take appropriate decisions about courses of action to be taken, and to ensure that these actions are implemented. In these situations, decision makers require agile, adaptive and robust Information Management and Decision Support Systems which decrease the cognitive load and help focus on the most important issues at hand.

Research Area

Intelligent Systems for Crisis and Disaster Management must take into account the nature of human decision making processes which requires the systems and interfaces to behave intelligently. Thus issues like extraction, integration, representation and processing of data, information and knowledge is of importance. In this perspective Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science provide the background for the development of intelligent disaster management systems which could act autonomously or be used as a part of a broader management system. Today, such intelligent systems take many forms and use different technologies from a wide range of principals. Such systems encompass a variety of approaches (including multi-agent systems, automated and mixed-initiative planning, etc) and include many design challenges (such as the development of intelligent user interfaces, semantic web services and ontologies, etc).

This special session aims to bring together researchers and practitioners working on different aspects of intelligent systems for crisis and disaster management in an effort to highlight the state-of-the-art and to discuss the challenges and opportunities of this field as well as to explore new research directions. We strongly welcome original and high-quality contributions on the general theme of Intelligent Systems for Disaster Management.


The following is a non-exhaustive list with topics of special interest:

ï Intelligent agents and multi-agent systems
ï Agent co-ordination and communication
ï Artificial Intelligence search and constraint programming
ï Knowledge capture, representation, maintenance and reuse
ï Knowledge-based systems and reasoning about knowledge
ï Automated and mixed-initiative planning
ï Data integration, uncertainty handling and decision making
ï Machine learning and adaptive systems
ï Intelligent human-machine interfaces
ï Semantic web services

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