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Information Systems for Humanitarian Operations

5th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management ISCRAM2008
SPECIAL SESSION on Information Systems for Humanitarian Operations

Each year millions of people are in need of humanitarian aid because of sudden and ongoing natural disasters, conflicts, and man-made disasters. There is a huge potential for information systems to improve the humanitarian operations in these situations. This session aims at addressing the recent academic developments of which the humanitarian community could benefit from.

Research Area

A wide range of different organisations are involved in responding to these disasters, including military and civilian, public and private, and governmental and non-governmental organisations. Information systems are not very well developed yet for these situations. Besides research on emergency-related information systems, the humanitarian community could also benefit and learn from research on information systems in more mainstream situations, for example inter-organizational systems and decision support systems. Information systems can have a tremendous value for these humanitarian operations, providing a new scope for communication, coordination and collaboration.


Some non-exhaustive examples of topics that could contribute to this session are:

ï Design requirements for disaster response information systems
ï Early warning systems for both natural disasters and complex emergencies
ï Inter-organizational systems for humanitarian operations
ï Decision support systems for emergency situations

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