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Impact of Disasters on Industry and Economic Effects

5th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management ISCRAM2008
SPECIAL SESSION on Impact of Disasters on Industry and Economic Effects

Managing the risks emerging from today"s complex and globally interlaced production systems has become increasingly important in the light of a rising number of emergencies and extreme events. In order to handle potential risks to and emanating from industry and consequently to mankind as well as the environment, an integrated and interdisciplinary approach to risk management and industrial environmental policy is needed. The handling of such risks requires the evaluation of various, at least partially conflicting objectives, especially in the recovery phase of a disaster. Most importantly, health and safety aspects, the environmental and economic impact as well as the technical and social feasibility need to be considered.

Research Area

Even though there is a growing literature on critical infrastructure and (economic) impact analysis of disasters, the interdependencies in complex economic or socio-technical systems after a disaster and corresponding vulnerability related concepts are not yet well quantitatively understood. The session is aimed at discussing inter-disciplinary approaches focussing on analytical techniques and their respective applications to the field. There is value in integrating experiences in information management and risk analysis of systems that go beyond the traditional engineering expertise that has dominated the study of vulnerability modelling so far. This session will draw on inputs from engineers, information scientists, economists, business administrators as well as social scientists. Applications of the ideas within the disaster response and recovery domain will be demonstrated.


Some non-exhaustive examples of topics that could contribute to this session are:

ï Assessment of Direct Losses
ï Quantitative Analysis of Indirect Losses (incl. Cascading Effects)
ï Modelling and Analysis of Critical Infrastructure
ï Analysis of Physical, Economic, Social and Environmental Vulnerability
ï Application of Systems Analysis to Disaster Response and Recovery
ï Interdependencies in Complex Systems in the Recovery Phase of a Disaster
ï Information and Decision Support Systems for Economic Risk Assessment
ï Information Management and Decision Support to Structure Decision Making in the Recovery Phase

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