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HCI for Emergencies

5th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management ISCRAM2008

SPECIAL SESSION on HCI for Emergencies

There is a growing sense in the emergency information systems community that new methods of design and evaluation are needed, from producing new metaphors to managing information overload.

In fact, emergencies challenge people in reacting quickly and within a difficult physical situation. During an emergency situation, all the people have in some sense a kind of disability. Some of them caused by stress, the environment or even by lack of information. For these reasons new approaches are required in order to design information systems for emergencies taking into account both cognitive load and physical difficulties. These approaches require considering usability and user-centred design when developing information systems targeted at the emergency level, the collaboration level, and the work environment level. The aim of this special session is to solicit researchers to present their results or experiences in information systems development, use or needs.

Research Area

We consider it particularly interesting to explore aspects that have not traditionally been central to Human-Computer Interaction, but are now emerging as relevant and important factors in the design of critical and emergency information systems.

The properties of emergency situations explained above make designing good interaction with information technology challenging in different ways; in fact systems should provide tools that facilitate users to:

ï Manage information rapidly (Information Visualization, Mobile and Ubiquitous computing, Multimodal Interfaces and Natural Interaction, etc.).
ï Take effective decisions under emergency situations (Cognitive Models of the User, Computer Supported Cooperative Work, Awareness and Teamwork, etc.).
ï Rapidly judge and react to the situations (Interface Metaphors, Interactive Systems, Teaming, User-Centred Design, Decision Support Systems, Agent-based Systems)


ï HCI for emergencies
ï Emergency Response Information Systems
ï User-Centred Design
ï Ubiquitous computing
ï Multi-modality
ï Universal Design

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