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The City of Delft - information and links

DELFT, 2 kilometers inland from Den Haag, has considerable charm, with its gabled red-roofed houses standing beside tree-lined canals. The pastel colours of the pavements, brickwork and bridges give the town a faded tranquillity. A city of great charm with the best Holland has to offer: treelined canals, beautifully kept historic buildings, charming hotels, topclass restaurants, funshopping and great bars.

Delft is more than 750 years old. The city owes its name to the word "delving", digging the oldest canal, the Oude Delft. In 1246, Delft received its city franchise from the Dutch Earl Willem II. Delft flourished and new neighbourhoods were added. As early as 1355 the city reached the size it would remain until the 19th century.

This link provides a high-altitude Google map of Delft - including the cities of London, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Dortmund, Koln, ... - to orient yourself in this part of Western Europe. Feel free to zoom in and out :-)

A 24 page full color Tourist Guide to Delft can be downloaded here - this is a PDF file of 4.8MB.

An overview handy Tourist Map is available here - only 182 K.

A nice collection of beautiful Pictures of Delft can be viewed here - a small sample from this site is shown below.

More information on Delft can be found on the official website of the City .




Delft Canals


Delft Canals



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