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CFP: Grounding Research in Reality

That is all very well in practice, but it will never work in theory! Anonymous

A common conception is that communities of research produce theory, communities of practice produce practice, and each benefits automatically from the other. Unfortunately, theory and practice are all too often worlds apart. Researchers produce theory that is intellectually interesting but which does not address problems of practical interest, while practitioners expend time and effort in re-inventing ad hoc solutions to problems that are easily solved by application of theory. In the field of crisis response and management, delays in improving practice can cost lives, inflict suffering, and cause irreversible damage to natural and social systems. ISCRAM is committed to supporting intellectually important research on information systems for crisis response and management and related fields, regardless of its immediately apparent practical value. However, ISCRAM also recognizes a social responsibility to engage and nurture research that is grounded in the complex realities of practice, and which is aimed at identifying and addressing the critical needs of current practice.

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